Headshot Kathy Simpson
Kathy Simpson
The connections and collaborations that have been available in the #TeacherpreneurTribe Facebook group have been priceless. I have learned so much about growing my Teachers Pay Teachers shop and social media that now I have become a go-to person for others. I have learned so much! It has been awesome. Thank you, Kelli!


Headshot Jenn MacArthur
Jenn MacArthur
I am absolutely obsessed with this Instagram challenge! I look forward to 9 pm every night for your new post. Each post is so well thought out and leaves me with some great questions to think about. This has given me an opportunity to interact with people that I never would have come across in my own little bubble! I am learning so much about the features of Instagram as well as the power that it has. Thank you again, Kelli, for this amazing opportunity!


Karen Wasdin Headshot
Karen Wasdin
Kelli, you are cutting-edge. We were a tribe before we even knew what a tribe was! Thank you for your tireless efforts in making this #TeacherpreneurTribe Facebook group what it is! Cutting-edge! You were also fantastic in your Periscope broadcast. I can't believe how much I just learned!


Headshot Amber Goss Dial
Amber Goss Dial
You amaze me, Kelli! I have had such a great time following all that has been posted in the #TeacherpreneurTribe Facebook group. I have learned and been reaffirmed that steps that I have taken have been the right move. (Turtle-ish slow steps - but the right ones.) Thank you so much for your Wise Words!


Headshot Jacqueline Ortiz
Jacqueline Ortiz
Kelli, you are an awesome leader and so helpful in this #TeacherpreneurTribe Facebook group! Such a big task! I'm learning so much from everyone! Thanks to YOU!